We don’t just hire anyone to teach your child. We make sure our students have access to the best possible education from teachers & assistant teachers with education degrees and years of experience.


Diane Ryan, Director & Teacher

Diane Ryan is a certified teacher with two Bachelor of Science Degrees: one in Elementary Education, and one in Early Childhood Education. Diane taught in the public school systems for many years. Previous teaching experience includes  Kindergarten, 6th grade, and 6th grade Gifted program in New Jersey; Kindergarten and 2nd grade in Virginia Beach; and Sixth Grade for the Gifted and Talented in Maryland. Diane was also the Science Fair Coordinator in an Elementary School in Prince George’s County where 3rd-6th grade students were required to do Science Fair Projects using the Scientific Method.


Meredith Nosher

Meredith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and began a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Before Shine Like Stars, Meredith taught in West Virginia. 

Natalie Cahall

Natalie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development with experience teaching autistic children.

Assistant Teachers

Brooke Brinkerhoff – Early Childhood Education Degree

Danee Keever – Bachelors Degree in history with years of experience teaching early childhood classrooms

Jennifer Baker – Years of experience teaching early childhood classrooms

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